The 3rd Night


The venue


Audimax, Haus 8, Neues Palais


Universität Potsdam Campus map  (60 kB)

Driving directions and road/street maps

From the southwest surrounding area  |  PDF  (250 kB)

From southwest Berlin (via Glienicker Brücke)  |  PDF  (250 kB)

From northwest Berlin and Spandau |  PDF  (350 kB)

Via highway A 115, intersection "Kreuz Potsdam-Babelsberg", Exit 6  |  PDF  (350 kB)

You can download or print all driving directions here  PDF  |  DOC (je 20 kB)


Route planner


Street map of Potsdam


Bus and train schedule


A bus and train schedule for public transportation to Berlin, downtown Potsdam, and the surrounding area will be posted at the venue. There is a high-speed train service (Regionalbahn) to Berlin every 30 minutes until 1am. The somewhat slower city-train service (S-Bahn) to Berlin (S1 and S7 via Wannsee/Westkreuz) runs every 10-30 minutes 24 hours.